Sun Builder

Machinery & Tools

Using highly sophisticated construction, earth moving and levelling equipment such as excavators, crushers, rollers, mixers, presses, pavers, compacters, broomers, and advanced logistics, SUN BUILDERS commands the best of tools for effective and speedy execution of engineering, civil and manufacturing projects of any scale anywhere in the country.


  • Vacuum De-watering Flooring Trimix Machine
  • Mixer with hopper
  • Mixture without Hopper
  • Vibrator
  • Surface Vibrator
  • Theo-dolite
  • Dumpy Level
  • Welding Set
  • Bar Cutting Machine
  • Marble Cutter
  • Floor Grinding Machine
  • Big Kota Stone Cutter
  • Groove Cutting Machine in Floors
  • Mono Block Pumps
  • Mould Cube
  • 15 KVA Generator Set
  • Tractor with trolley
  • Drill Machine (Pedestal)
  • Concrete Demolishing Hammer
  • Hammer Drill
  • Earth Compactor
  • Concrete Cutter
  • Vehicle (Tempo) 407-709
  • Syntex PVC Water Tanks
  • Safety accessories (Helmets, Shoes, Gloves, Nets etc
  • Shuttering Material and scaffolding
  • Poclain, JCB, Doser & Hoisting Arrangement for High rise activities